Conference Services


Registration Processing

  • Develop online registration forms customized to the organization’s needs.
  • Receive and maintain registration records.
  • Provide registration reports as requested

NOTE: Registration processing can be customized by sending the final listing of registration details to the planning group to creating name tags, registration materials, and providing onsite support.

Submission Processing

  • Organizations wishing to solicit submissions for award nominations, or session proposals such a workshops or symposia, can be customized to meet the organization’s needs. 
  • Submissions are received online and details provided to the planning group.
  • Submissions can be reviewed/ranked online and sessions organized based on the submissions received.

Abstract Processing

  • Develop online submission form customized to the organization’s needs.
  • Receive and maintain the abstract records.
  • In addition to receipt of abstracts, organizations can opt to conduct the abstract review online through a customizable web portal, organize meeting sessions based on abstracts received, development of online abstract book in printed and/or online searchable interface.

Session Organization

  • Within the space and time available for the organizations event, a scheduled layout can be created to provide the best overall balance for the event, taking into consideration room size, competing sessions, etc.
  • In addition to organizing the session, communications to the session organizers can be handled to ensure they receive all the details they need for their session.

Conference Program

  • Choose from a printed program, online, or conference App. Conference program can be customized based on the organizations needs and budget.

Facility Contract Management

  • Solicitation of contracts, negotiation, contract management and oversight can be handled based on the organization’s needs.
  • From conference centers to hotels, the communication to find the best option for the organization and serve as the point of contact for the planning.

NOTE: Organizations are responsible for financially backing the contracts.